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Furniture Assembly


Furniture Assembly

In the case that you are looking for reliable help with furniture assembly Dallas is offering, you are in the right place. With skillful moving crews that AM Moving Company will provide you with, putting together your undone furniture is going to be a piece of cake. Having a peace of mind in times such as relocation is one of the things that you should focus on. Contact us to find out more about in what ways trustworthy moving crews at AM Moving Company can provide help, assistance and make sure that your furniture is quickly and efficiently put back together. With our help, you will be settling in your new place in no time.

Reliable furniture assembly Dallas can help you move with ease
Let us make sure you deal with your furniture efficiently


One of the best furniture assembly teams in Dallas is here for you

Now, before we go on and present you with the circumstances in which we can help and the services that we can do for you, we should help you get to know us. After all, we do not do business with a  person or a company that we have no information on. Therefore, we do not expect you to do the same either. With that in mind, we are going to share with you some information on us. Hopefully, they will help you understand why AM Moving Company is regarded as one of the best furniture assembly Dallas companies and rightfully so.

With almost 10 years of experience under our belt, we are free to say that by now we managed to learn all the tricks of the trade. Therefore, we see it as our privilege and an obligation to help the people in need. We do this by helping them change their places of residence, but also by making sure that they have help when the time for changing the interior setting comes. Undoing and later on assembling furniture is one of the things that we specialize in. With our help, the changes to the place in which you live or the changes of your address are going to represent an easily solved issue.

In short, AM Moving Company is a locally owned and operated moving and storage company that is dedicated to providing an excellent experience with every service we offer. We take great pride in providing excellent customer service with a team of highly-skilled, professional moving specialists who handle your belongings with the utmost care and respect.


Furniture Assembly


Our Team will arrive with proper tools to disconnect or reconnect your washer/dryer and refrigerator.


Simply ask our representative about FREE packing supplies.


We offer speedy delivery and always deliver the next day! Simply ask our representative about details of options and pricing.


We are completely up front and include absolutely everything in our flat rate. No surprises!


Our team is trained in the art of wrapping furniture, appliances and that special one of a kind painting.


We rent out durable reusable plastic totes. Simply ask our representative about tote options and pricing.


We provide overnight, temporary or monthly storage options. Simply ask our representative about details of options and pricing.


Our price includes absolutely EVERYTHING with NO hidden fees.


We know all of the specifics of the office moves and will ensure a stress-free experience.


We carry all necessary insurances and requirements. We can provide all requested information to the building management.

The key to our success has always been the people

The key to our success has always been an investment in the people who work at AM Moving Company. It is our moving crews that do the heavy lifting that we are so proud of.

We understood this right at the beginning. Therefore, right from the start, we decided that investing in our associates is what we will make sure we do all the time. The outcome is what we have today. One of the top furniture assembly Dallas has to offer.

So, in the case that you might need help disassembling and putting together your furniture for your local move Dallas, get in touch with us today. We will come up with a moving itinerary that is going to be the solution to all of your moving problems.

What kind of items we can assemble for you?

There are so many pieces of furniture that people buy. So, it is important to know what kind of items we can help you put together. Obviously, you may not decide to take them all with you to Texas. Therefore, make sure to choose what goes and what stays before the moving day arrives.

We will assemble furniture such as:

  • Tables
  • Shelves
  • TV stands
  • Chairs
  • Bed frames
  • Cabinets
  • Desk
  • Bookcases
  • Exercise equipment
  • Cribs

Obviously, the list does not end here. We assemble these items and so much more! Any furniture that you have we will assemble on the day of the move.

Disassembly is what we do as well

If you need help disassembling furniture, we provide that service as well.

A clock
With AM Moving Company, your move is going to be done in record time


Disassembling a lot of furniture may make the process take longer. However, we try to complete the job as quickly as possible. No matter whether we are talking about helping you with loading and unloading Dallas or simply assembling your furniture, we will make sure that it does not take longer than necessary.

We have the tools and equipment needed to take apart any type of furniture. Also, and we are also very careful while doing so. Our staff is very professional, and very experienced in moving furniture. Therefore, they know exactly what they are doing. Most importantly, they will be quick about it.

We try our best to be as quick as possible with the moving process. As expected, this applies to the assembly of furniture. Depending on how much furniture you have, it may take us a couple of hours to complete the job. If you need us to come back the next day to finish up, our hourly rate applies for those hours as well. We take pride in making this process as convenient as possible for our customers.

Services that AM Moving Company as top furniture assembly Dallas can do for you

Now that you have got more information on us, it is the right time to take a look at what we can do for you. After all, being the best furniture assembly Dallas has to offer is not our peak. There are other moving services that we can perform for you.

After all, moving can be very stressful. There is so much to do and to take care of. With so many items to take apart and to have to, later on, put them back together, getting help with the process is the only sane option.

professionally dressed man
Let professionals help your furniture assembly


Once we have helped you relocate, we can also help with assembling your furniture. This service is actually included in our hourly moving rate. It will add time to the moving process, but we are happy to do it for you.

Still, in the case that you are looking for some thorough moving help, take a look at some of the basic moving services that we can do for you are the following:

Obviously, all of them may or may not come with furniture assembly. The choice of services that you are going to choose is all yours.

Packing and unpacking

One of the basic services that AM Moving Company can provide you with when moving an apartment or house is packing and unpacking.

The thing about these processes is the fact that they are more delicate than people assume. In fact, this is one of the crucial steps in making sure that you will relocate easily. The point is to protect your items for the move well. Also, damaging them when unpacking is easily done. So, you should let the professionals handle it for you. 

Interstate moving and furniture assembly Dallas

Relocating long-distance, especially to a different state may seem pretty straightforward. However, when you take into account all of the things that you need to do in order to relocate with ease, you may find out that relocating so far away is not so easy.

One of the most common issues that people stumble upon when preparing for an interstate move is public administration. There are many things to deal with. So, let AM Moving Company take care of the relocation process for you. In the meantime, you will have enough time to deal with the paperwork that, after all, only you can prepare.

image of a living room
Undoing and putting furniture back together can take a long time to complete


Corporate relocation

If corporate moves were easy, then companies would relocate with no one’s help. Alas, that is not the case.

Companies are most vulnerable when the moving time comes. This period affects the overall performance, but the team spirit too. Moving means changes. Often, it means personal and internal changes within the company. Obviously, this will be a sign of great uncertainty for your employees. So, it would be in your best interest to get this over with quickly.

Here at AM Moving Company, we know how commercial moving can influence the performance of a company. Therefore, we take relocations very seriously. With our help, your corporate move will be as smooth as silk. Not only will it be easy, but it will be over within record time. Ultimately, you will be back in business in no time. Therefore, do not waste any more of your time. Get in touch with us today. Let’s get you ready for the new chapter in your company’s history.

AM Moving Company should be your furniture assembly Dallas

By know, we hope that you have understood why AM Moving Company is the right choice to help you with furniture assembly Dallas. Call us today to find out more about how our furniture assembly may work for you. We are dedicated to serving our customers in any way possible, so see how we can assist you with your next move.

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People love our services

  • Stacey Quinn

    I've used AM Moving Company 3 times!  Most recently, I had some items in my apartment that I needed to be moved into my storage unit.  The guys they sent over were very friendly and had great attitudes.  The quote/estimate I was given was accurate when I paid.  They told me that the move would be about two hours and the moving guys stayed on schedule.  It does help when you have your items/boxes already packed and organized.  It helps the move go more efficiently.  I recommend AM Moving Company and I will continue to use them in the future.
  • Amy Hoster

    This is by far one of the best moving outfits I have done business with from start to finish. Brian, Daryl and Felix were my movers and they did not waste one minute and took care of my belongings like they were their own. They were incredibly courteous and polite. I have no doubt that I will use them if I have to move again and refer them to everyone.
  • Britt Campbell

    Bryan, Darrell, and Rene were so fast and so careful with very heavy and fragile furniture! They were super nice and professional, and worked quickly even in this Texas summer heat. I’ve used AM moving for all my moves and will continue to do so! Highly recommend.
  • Lisa Drake

    A 2 day move in July from Dallas to Wylie was no problem.  Amazing,  hard working, and extremely professional. We were so impressed how these "super movers"  didn't lose any steam in 104 heat. We are very thankful for their service. We will use them again for sure.