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Appliance Installation


Appliance Installation

What would modern life be like without our machines? When you think about it, we rely so heavily on a variety of devices to make our lives easier. From microwave ovens to refrigerators and washing machines, modern life would be so much more challenging without the right appliances in our home. Unfortunately, although these machines can add speed and efficiency to daily life, getting them into the house can pose more than a few logistical problems. Thankfully, AM Moving Company is here to help by offering a reliable appliance moving service. If you’re ready to upgrade to new appliances, be sure to give us a call. We can provide assistance in a variety of ways, including efficient appliance installation services.

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With AM Moving Company, quick delivery is always guaranteed.


Same day moving and appliance delivery

When you go to a big box store, you’ll be impressed by the wide selection of different appliances available. However, when you pay attention to the delivery and setup fees that these stores charge, you may think twice about whether it’s worth it to upgrade.

At AM Moving Company, we can help you by picking up your new appliance and dropping it off at your home. Whether you bought it from a department store or secondhand from a seller online, we have the tools and experience to get it to you quickly and efficiently. Also, because our movers have so much expertise, we’re capable of tackling any challenge that comes our way.

Our efficient team can pick up your new appliances and deliver them to your house on the same day. This is one of our specialty services Texas that people opt for the most, considering the fact that it can be chosen during relocation, renovation or simple upgrading of your home.


Appliance Installation


Our Team will arrive with proper tools to disconnect or reconnect your washer/dryer and refrigerator.


Simply ask our representative about FREE packing supplies.


We offer speedy delivery and always deliver the next day! Simply ask our representative about details of options and pricing.


We are completely up front and include absolutely everything in our flat rate. No surprises!


Our team is trained in the art of wrapping furniture, appliances and that special one of a kind painting.


We rent out durable reusable plastic totes. Simply ask our representative about tote options and pricing.


We provide overnight, temporary or monthly storage options. Simply ask our representative about details of options and pricing.


Our price includes absolutely EVERYTHING with NO hidden fees.


We know all of the specifics of the office moves and will ensure a stress-free experience.


We carry all necessary insurances and requirements. We can provide all requested information to the building management.

AM Moving Company is available to your seven days a week

Our appliance delivery professionals take no days off! AM Moving Company is at your disposal every day of the week and our business hours are:

  • 7 AM to 7 PM Monday through Friday
  • 8 AM to 7 PM Saturday and Sunday

Whether you want to schedule a residential relocation in Texas or you want to hire our appliance delivery pros, all you have to do is give us a call. Even though we work non-stop, all of our employees have enough time for rest because our staff is a numerous and growing one.

Leave behind the hard work with our appliance moving  services

Many household appliances can be very heavy and bulky. Attempting to lift these items by yourself could cause a host of different injuries, ranging from back pain to pulled muscles. Our team will gladly help you stay 100% safe by carrying all the heavy burden instead of you. All of our professionals have a lot of experience when it comes to carrying heavy items. That means that we know the best lifting techniques that will help keep our deliverers, as well as your appliances, completely safe.

Modern moving equipment for easy appliance pick-up and delivery

The pick-up and delivery of your brand new household appliances wouldn’t be a feasible option without cutting-edge moving equipment. AM Moving Company invests a lot of funds into our equipment, as well as the training of our staff. We have all the necessary tools, machines, and pieces of equipment that will allow us not only to move your furniture but to transport even the heaviest of appliance items.

A stove delivered with appliance delivery service.
Let us help you furnish your home with brand new appliances.


We are a team that goes the distance for our customers. Therefore, not only can you expect us to be at your complete disposal, but you can also trust that we will aim for your complete satisfaction. Our team accepts nothing less, and neither should you!

A uniformed team ensures the best experience

AM Moving Company is a top-rated moving company. As such, it is our duty to not only act professionally but also look the part. Our team has a clean-cut look that will be a visual representation of what we are all about. Simplicity. Top-notch services. Approachability. Not only will our appliance deliverers be at the top of their game, but you can also expect them to be friendly and professional.

When hiring our staff, we looked for more than just the necessary qualifications. We looked for individuals who will be able to make our customers feel comfortable, cared for, and appreciated. And we firmly believe our entire appliances delivery and installation team matches that description to a tee.

Moving and planning with our appliance delivery specialists

In addition to delivering your appliances, we can move it wherever it needs to go. Our movers are well equipped to handle tight corners and heavy lifting, so no matter what kind of layout you have at home, we’ll be ready for it. Our experts will carefully assess the situation, predict which aspects might pose a problem, and then proceed to find the optimal solutions. During this process, you can be involved or you can be a bystander. The decision is up to you!

Hauling and removal of your old appliances

If you just bought a new deluxe refrigerator, that most likely means that you have an older model that needs to go away. Thankfully, we can do more than just deliver your new appliance – we’ll haul the old one for you so that you don’t have to worry about it. Our team can haul any old item you are looking to take out of your home.

Start-to-finish appliance installation services

For some devices, all you have to do is plug it in, and you’re ready to go. However, if you just bought a new range oven or a washing machine, you need expert installers to ensure that everything is hooked up correctly. Fortunately, we have the right people who can take care of it for you so that you can start enjoying your new appliance immediately instead of having to call someone else.

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Our experts will contribute to the pristine look of your new home and will connect your appliances quickly and efficiently.


Our experts will come to your home at the agreed time and demonstrate their skills and expertise. We have experience with the installation of all types of appliances, from refrigerators to flat-screen TV installation and smaller kitchen appliances. The size and number of your items matters not – our crew will still showcase their vast skills.

Competitive prices come with our appliance installation services

If you are worried that you won’t be able to afford the appliance installation and delivery services we offer, all you have to do is request a free moving quote. You are bound to realize that AM Moving Company is a company that has put a lot of thought and care into the prices of our services.

Your only job will be to provide us with the details of your relocation, and we will contact you shortly with an estimate. With us, there will be no hidden fees or extra charges. Our past customers know they never have to worry about unpleasant surprises on their moving day. Especially when those surprises are money-related.

Appliance installation is a service you need on your moving day

Household relocation is an event that will completely change your home as you know it. All of your household appliances will have to be disconnected and then installed in the new location. For a person with no experience, this task will be a big challenge. But for our appliance and delivery team, it’s just another day at the office. Couple our appliance installation team with your moving staff and you will have a stress-free and seamless relocation to your new home. As an additional bonus, you will also save a lot of time that you would otherwise have to put into reading the installation manuals for connecting your appliances.

Contact AM Moving Company for the best appliance moving and installation services

Refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, ovens – we move and install it all. AM Moving Company is so much more than a moving company, so be sure to call us whenever you have a new appliance to be delivered or installed. We are dedicated to providing the best service to our customers, so see how we can help. By being at your disposal seven days of the week and by offering competitive prices, our company has thought of everything.

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People love our services

  • Stacey Quinn

    I've used AM Moving Company 3 times!  Most recently, I had some items in my apartment that I needed to be moved into my storage unit.  The guys they sent over were very friendly and had great attitudes.  The quote/estimate I was given was accurate when I paid.  They told me that the move would be about two hours and the moving guys stayed on schedule.  It does help when you have your items/boxes already packed and organized.  It helps the move go more efficiently.  I recommend AM Moving Company and I will continue to use them in the future.
  • Amy Hoster

    This is by far one of the best moving outfits I have done business with from start to finish. Brian, Daryl and Felix were my movers and they did not waste one minute and took care of my belongings like they were their own. They were incredibly courteous and polite. I have no doubt that I will use them if I have to move again and refer them to everyone.
  • Britt Campbell

    Bryan, Darrell, and Rene were so fast and so careful with very heavy and fragile furniture! They were super nice and professional, and worked quickly even in this Texas summer heat. I’ve used AM moving for all my moves and will continue to do so! Highly recommend.
  • Lisa Drake

    A 2 day move in July from Dallas to Wylie was no problem.  Amazing,  hard working, and extremely professional. We were so impressed how these "super movers"  didn't lose any steam in 104 heat. We are very thankful for their service. We will use them again for sure.