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Corporate Relocation


Corporate Relocation

Even a residential move can put a lot of strain on your stress and energy levels, but moving your business is a whole other ordeal. All of your items and equipment need to be handled with care, and timely relocation is necessary for reducing the downtime of your business. At AM Moving Company, we understand the pitfalls and setbacks that can come from corporate relocation in Dallas, which is why we offer a variety of services to make this process as smooth and efficient as possible. Here’s how we can assist you with this move!

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With AM Moving, your new office is just a phone call away!


Why we are the best people for your corporate relocation in the DFW area

Since the founding of our company in 2011, we have worked tirelessly to cater to the needs of those who put their trust in us. Our goal from the beginning has been to make relocation easier on people, be it a residential move or a corporate one. We have come a long way since then and have grown into one of the most reputable moving companies in the DFW area and even outside it. The wide range of services we offer combined with a friendly smile has lead people to us for many years. If you want to join them, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!


Corporate Relocation


Our Team will arrive with proper tools to disconnect or reconnect your washer/dryer and refrigerator.


Simply ask our representative about FREE packing supplies.


We offer speedy delivery and always deliver the next day! Simply ask our representative about details of options and pricing.


We are completely up front and include absolutely everything in our flat rate. No surprises!


Our team is trained in the art of wrapping furniture, appliances and that special one of a kind painting.


We rent out durable reusable plastic totes. Simply ask our representative about tote options and pricing.


We provide overnight, temporary or monthly storage options. Simply ask our representative about details of options and pricing.


Our price includes absolutely EVERYTHING with NO hidden fees.


We know all of the specifics of the office moves and will ensure a stress-free experience.


We carry all necessary insurances and requirements. We can provide all requested information to the building management.

We guarantee your safety and satisfaction

Moving a business requires much more forethought and planning than moving your home. At AM Moving, we are well aware that corporate relocation is a complex venture, but we are more than ready to tackle it head-on! You will know that your items, be they of high value or not, will be safe in our hands.

We can transport everything from point A to point B with care, timeliness, and precision. Our movers and packers are highly trained and experienced with such relocations and will ensure that everything goes according to plan. To give you peace of mind during this time, we also offer moving insurance, so that in the unlikely event of damage, your belongings will be covered.

We will help you have a smooth corporate relocation in Dallas

AM Moving is a full-service company, meaning that we can provide you with all the services you will require for your corporate relocation in the DFW area. All of the moving services we offer are designed to ensure your business suffers no downtime. We can also tailor these services to your exact needs and preferences. Take a look at how we will ensure your business is moved safely and in a timely manner!

 An office after a corporate relocation in Dallas
We will ensure that all of your items get to your new office on time!


Packing and unpacking done by professionals

Since this is such a busy time for you and your staff, you should let our packing and unpacking professionals take care of this task for you. We know how to handle everything from electronics to appliances to office furniture, and pack them in a way that guarantees their safety. We will protect even the most fragile and valuable items in the best way possible. Additionally, we will provide our own packing supplies, saving you both time and money in the process!

Safe junk removal

Even if you’re moving into a larger office space, chances are that there many different items that don’t have to make it to the final destination. Regardless of the kind of junk you have, we can take it off your hands and dispose of it for you, in a way that is safe for the environment. One less thing to worry about during your corporate relocation in Dallas!

Explore storage options after your corporate relocation in Dallas

After or during your business relocation, you may have to put some of your office supplies and furniture into storage until you can decide what to do with it. If that is the case, we can provide safe storage services, so that you can access these items when it is convenient for you. Our units are state-of-the-art and are have all the necessary security measures. If and when you want to move these items to your new location, we’ll deliver it as quickly as possible.

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Instead of crowding your closet with unwanted items, place them in our storage units!


Pickup and delivery

Don’t let corporate relocation disrupt your workflow. Let AM Moving handle all of the logistics so that you can focus on your business, not the moving process. We’ll pick up all of your stuff and deliver it to your new space so that you don’t have to lift a finger!

Reach out to us today!

As you can see, there are many moving parts when it comes to corporate relocation in Dallas. Handling all of them by yourself is definitely not a good idea, especially when your business is at stake. That is why you should follow in the footsteps of those before you and turn to AM Moving Company! Our experts will make your relocation seem like a breeze, and best of all, you won’t have to break your budget. So give us a call today and get your corporate relocation started!

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People love our services

  • William Li

    This is my third move with AM. Headquarters is responsive. The crews have always been friendly and reliable. This time we had Darryl, Brian, and Felix, great guys who are friendly, dedicated, and professionals, and took away the hassle of moving large/heavy items out of moving. Brian was part of another crew who helped me move right before COVID which shows AM is doing a good job to keep their employees. Will use AM again in a few month on another move.
  • Becki Esch

    Brian, Joseph and Sergio were AMAZING!! This was the least stressful move that I’ve ever had! I highly recommend them to anyone looking to move!! Professional, reliable, courteous and amazing!!! Thank you, AM Moving!!
  • Kelly Futch

    What a great job AM Moving Company did for me and my mother. They came to Nacogdoches Tx and moved my mother to Bridgeport Tx. They wrap and cover all her furniture and paintings, I was so impressed with there attention to detail. They will be my go too moving Company for now on. Thank you again Max, Brain, Daryl and Lee for all y'all did for me and my mother. You made the transition stress free.
  • Lisa Teague

    Love this company! This is the 4th time I have hired AM Moving; every, single time they have done an excellent job. They are careful and work quickly and are worth every penny. I have learned the hard way that I may get a better price per hour with another company, but I paid MUCH more with broken items and slow workers. This latest move was the smoothest! (And that's saying something since they have all been great!) Thank you to the crew: Kaleb, Felix, and Luis!