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Furniture Movers


Furniture Movers

Are you in need of furniture movers Dallas for your upcoming residential relocation? When you’re moving from one place to another, you want to make sure that your furniture is treated with care and respect. Perhaps some of your items have been around for years or decades, or maybe you have furniture that requires a little TLC to make it to your new destination in one piece. Whatever the case may be, all it takes is one phone call to AM Moving Company and all of your furniture moving problems will be solved. With a skilled and experienced team of furniture movers DFW, you can rest assured we will make it possible for all of your items to arrive in one piece, unscathed and unharmed. 

A handshake between furniture movers Dallas.
With pristine reputation and years of experience behind us, our furniture movers DFW should be your top choice when moving.

AM Moving Company – a reliable and safe option

We want you to feel confident and comfortable with our moving services Dallas, which is why we are committed to using the best practices and equipment to get your belongings from point A to point B. Ever since 2011, AM Moving Company has worked with only one goal in mind – providing our customers with the very best services money can be. Be those services related to furniture assembly or premier storage solutions, there is one thing you can count on – the high level of quality services we are going to provide for your relocation.

With thousands of satisfied customers, we are today regarded as a completely reliable and 100% safe option. Whether you are going through an office or household relocation in Dallas, leave it to our furniture movers DFW to take care of all of your items. With a top-notch combination of skills and experience, we will make sure every part of the furniture moving process goes as smoothly as possible.


Furniture Movers


Our Team will arrive with proper tools to disconnect or reconnect your washer/dryer and refrigerator.


Simply ask our representative about FREE packing supplies.


We offer speedy delivery and always deliver the next day! Simply ask our representative about details of options and pricing.


We are completely up front and include absolutely everything in our flat rate. No surprises!


Our team is trained in the art of wrapping furniture, appliances and that special one of a kind painting.


We rent out durable reusable plastic totes. Simply ask our representative about tote options and pricing.


We provide overnight, temporary or monthly storage options. Simply ask our representative about details of options and pricing.


Our price includes absolutely EVERYTHING with NO hidden fees.


We know all of the specifics of the office moves and will ensure a stress-free experience.


We carry all necessary insurances and requirements. We can provide all requested information to the building management.

High-quality moving techniques of our furniture movers Dallas

We’ve been around for a while, which means that we’ve encountered almost any potential obstacle you can imagine. Tight corners, skinny hallways, cumbersome furniture – we’ve handled it all with precision and grace.

Are you moving from an apartment to a house? Don’t worry about us scuffing up your couch on the way out. Downsizing from a three-bedroom home to the one with two bedrooms? We’ll make sure that we move all of your furniture so that it doesn’t become impossible to do anything in your new place. Our advanced moving techniques are what allows us to seemingly effortlessly move your furniture from point A to point B. Even if that means fitting large pieces of furniture through tight spaces. Rest assured we will find our way.

High-quality techniques come hand in hand with equally good equipment

To help us serve you, we make sure to utilize tools that will not only protect your furniture but make the process even smoother and trouble-free. From durable moving straps to furniture blankets and pads, we will ensure that your stuff arrives in pristine condition. Moreover, our fleet of moving trucks is large enough that it enables us to facilitate any type of relocation. No matter how many items you need to have relocated, rest assured that our team of furniture movers DFW will be able to do it. Our teams have versatile moving equipment at their disposal, some of which include –

  • Moving straps
  • Moving blankets and pads
  • Protective packaging materials
  • Moving dollies 
  • Moving trucks

AM Moving Company constantly invests in both the modernization of our equipment and the expertise of our furniture movers. Our goal is to make the process of furniture moving as easy as it can be, and that’s only possible with cutting-edge resources. Even though our movers are seasoned professionals, they still showcase a steady growth.

Our furniture movers Dallas keep you safe…

Furniture relocation leaves a lot of room for moving day injuries. If remaining safe during your relocation is important for you, all you have to do is get in touch with our team. By taking care of all the heavy lifting, loading, and unloading instead of you, we will ensure that you and your family members stay out of harm’s way. For us, the safety of your furniture is high up on our priority list, but it’s your safety that matters most!

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AM Moving Company will keep you and your family out of harm’s way.


…and stress-free!

Stress is the number one enemy of the modern man. In life, there aren’t as many situations that are as stressful as moving. What causes moving stress is the seemingly insurmountable amount of moving-related duties. Once you get in touch with our furniture moving team, that won’t be a part of your problems anymore.

AM Moving Company won’t only preserve your physical health – we will also take care of your mental wellbeing. Per your request, our furniture movers Dallas can take care of every part of your relocation. Without any assistance from you! Your only job will be to point at all the furniture you need us to pack and prepare for transport. You won’t have to worry about anything else. Without any tasks to worry yourself with, and without any doubts about the quality of your movers, you will be completely relaxed throughout your relocation. Once you take a look at our glowing moving reviews, you will quickly realize that you are in good hands.

Furniture moving in DFW area at a price you can afford

Our team of furniture movers is a team that will oversee the entire moving process. From making sure that every item is safely packed and ready for transport to furniture assembly and disassembly, all you have to do is sit back and relax. Our team isn’t the one to simply drive the moving truck that’s carrying your items from one location to another. Our team is the one that will take care of the entire process so that you don’t have to.

Not only will our local movers Dallas ensure you have a smooth relocation where you won’t have to worry yourself with anything related to furniture packing and moving, but we will also offer one other commodity – affordable rates. Even though we are a top-rated moving company, our goal has never been to put additional stress on the minds of our customers. When it comes to relocation, the most stressful part is surely worrying about your finances. With us, that won’t be a problem. Our furniture moving team comes with both competitive prices and high-quality services. The perfect mix for your upcoming relocation.

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Our reliable services come hand in hand with reasonable moving rates that will fit well into your moving budget.


Our professional team of packers employs the best packing techniques

Typically speaking, it’s most likely that furniture will get damaged en route, rather than while we’re carrying it into or out of your home or business. To prevent this from happening, we employ the best packing methods available which will keep your pieces from slipping, sliding, and settling into a bad spot.

At AM Moving Company, our movers are always careful to treat your furniture like their own. Not only do we pack the pieces into our trucks neatly and gently, but we will protect your furniture with pads and other barriers to ensure that nothing breaks or shifts in transit.

Yellow chairs and a white coffee table for furniture movers Dallas to relocate.
Your furniture is in safe, reliable, and efficient hands.


Give us a call when in need of reliable furniture movers DFW

With AM Moving Company by your side, you won’t have to spend your days wondering whether you will quickly be reunited with your items. Our premier team of furniture movers Dallas won’t leave anything up to chance! We will oversee the entire process, and we will be quick and efficient during your relocation. If you want, call AM Moving Company today. Let us show you that moving all of your items from point A to point B can be an easy and stress-free process.

Top Rated AM Moving Company Home & Business Relocation Made EASY!

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People love our services

  • Freddie Charlesworth

    I love this moving company! They came Saturday for our scheduled move but unfortunately my elevators were broken. So Daryl and Jacobey were very accommodating and set up another time to move a few days later on Monday, free of charge. Daryl came back along with Sergio and they moved me quickly and damage-free. They even helped set up some of the furniture so I wouldn’t have to do it myself. Always a great experience with this company, as this is my second time using them. Next time I move locally, I’ll definitely use them again!
  • Jasmine Madison

    This company never disappoints. I have use them twice 3yrs apart and still got amazing service each time. Joseph,Jacoby, and Chris H. Were very nice. They took great care of our things as well as was nice to our 2yr old that was on site with us during the move. They even allowed me to push my move back a day without any issues.  Worth every dollar. HIRE Them for you next move!
  • Lisa Drake

    A 2 day move in July from Dallas to Wylie was no problem.  Amazing,  hard working, and extremely professional. We were so impressed how these "super movers"  didn't lose any steam in 104 heat. We are very thankful for their service. We will use them again for sure.
  • Britt Campbell

    Bryan, Darrell, and Rene were so fast and so careful with very heavy and fragile furniture! They were super nice and professional, and worked quickly even in this Texas summer heat. I’ve used AM moving for all my moves and will continue to do so! Highly recommend.