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Declutter your DFW storage units like a pro

AM Moving Company — February 20, 2020

Decluttering and cleaning storage units is something that nobody looks forward to. It’s just a way it is. Who would like to go through a bunch of dusty items and decide what to do with them for a couple of days? Nobody, that is true. But there are many reasons to do it as well. First of all, you will get reminded of the items that you have stored. You will have more storage space once you declutter and you can make sure that important items are still in good condition. If you want to declutter your DFW storage units, you will do it the easiest way with this manual.

How should you declutter your DFW storage units?

When it comes to decluttering and cleaning your storage units, you will do it much faster if you focus on it for a while. There are many things you can do to make it easier on yourself. It really is the best way to make sure you got rid of everything that you don’t need. Remember the one rule of decluttering – if you haven’t used an item for a year or more – throw it out because it’s not something that you will likely use ever again. Now that you have an idea about it, you should start. Make sure you:

  • Have the right mindset for this event
  • If you want to declutter your DFW storage units like a pro, you should get some help
  • Think about hiring the decluttering service
  • Think of a time table that works for you
  • Make an inventory list
  • Get the right moving supplies
  • Decide where you want to deal with this
  • Donate if you can
You should make sure you know what you want to keep and what not right away


You will declutter your storage units much easier and faster if you try and listen to every piece of advice. That really is what the best ways to declutter your DFW storage units like a pro is all about.

Mindset is important

Once you make sure that you will have to deal with your storage units, you might feel scared and anxious. This really can be a hard job but remember what you gain from it! The thing is that you will get more storage space if you get everything that is not useful for you out of your unit. If you are worried that you won’t be able to get all the furniture out of the unit, you can always hire the furniture movers. There is no way for you to get hurt this way.

Hire the cleaning and decluttering service?

If you really don’t want to deal with decluttering, get a cleaning and decluttering service. It’s the easiest way, but it might be a little expensive. But, the choice is yours of course. Once you get everything cleaned, you can get the items you need to your home by hiring some of the best movers in Texas. You will practically have nothing to worry about this way, everything is done by the professionals.

Make a time table

The organization is the key and that is something you have to remember. Making sure that you keep track of the time you spend, you are going to make sure you give it your best. Schedule like 40 minutes decluttering and 20 minutes cleaning might be just perfect. Remember, decluttering takes time and it might take you more than one week to see the end results. But, it will be worth it.

A watch
Make a timetable and stick to it


Get help

Call your friends and family members and get them to help you out. You can throw a party once you are done to celebrate with everyone that helped. If you don’t want to bother anyone, that is just fine too. But you should at least hire movers in Irving TX to help you out with the items you are taking home. This way you will still get the help you need without feeling like you are bothering anybody.


Another thing that could really help you out is an inventory. You can make sure you go through your storage units and label everything you want to keep. Write it on the list and this way you can tell how many items will be left there. If you can, get a smaller storage unit if you see that there are fewer items on the list. There are great inventory apps like Sortly. You will love the way it makes the decluttering easier for you.

Get the right supplies

Make sure you have everything you need. This way you will be able to declutter and clean without going to the market every now and then. If you have everything you might need on-site, you will be done much sooner. And that would be:

  • Moving boxes of various sizes
  • Gloves to protect your hands from injuries
  • Trash bags
  • Face mask if it’s dusty
  • Scissors and dictate
  • Cleaning supplies
cleaning supplies- declutter your dfw storage units
Make sure you get all the cleaning supplies you might need


If you make sure you got everything you need, you may start. Make three piles, one for the trash, one for the donations and one for the items you will keep. It’s the easiest way to do this. All the piles should be packed in moving boxes and trash bags and labeled so you don’t mix them up.

Where to declutter?

Some people like to declutter by taking everything home and sorting it there. You can declutter your DFW storage units this way if you prefer. Get the loading and unloading service so you can relax and take care of everything once you get home. This way you only get the trash out and keep what is left.


One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. That is why you should always donate. Items like clothes, appliances, books, toys, and everything else will find a new purpose once you are done with them.

Even if you don’t feel happy about having to declutter your DFW storage units, you should make sure you do. That is because there are many benefits of doing it, like remembering that you have something that you now need, or running across your family memories. You will have more storage space as well and you might donate a bunch of useful stuff.

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