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Ideas for making your apartment appear larger

AM Moving Company — December 23, 2019

Answer honestly, if you could choose would you rather be living in a one-bedroom apartment or a six-bedroom one? I bet your answer was a six-bedroom apartment. And that’s perfectly normal. Since no one likes to live in a small space. We are all drawn to bigger spaces.  However, not everyone is that lucky. Reality is that you probably live in a one-bedroom apartment given that you’ve come here in search of ideas for making your apartment appear larger. And apartment movers will give you exactly that. So stay tuned!

Small rooms can often feel confining and suffocating. However, there are many hacks for making your apartment appear larger. And everything counts. From color techniques, smart lightning to furniture arranging. Just remember museums of illusions (that is if you’ve ever been to one). People use all these techniques to make an illusion. No matter how small a change may seem it can be the most effective one if it manages to fool the eye.

Colors and making your apartment appear larger

Did you know that dark colors tend to absorb the light? Whereas, light colors are more reflecting? Or, in other words, darker colors make a room appear smaller while light colors make a room appear larger. And if you were to try and test this theory by thinking of some example, I’m sure that the largest room and the one that feels the most spacious to you would be colored in some light color. This reflective power of light colors means that it helps maximize the effect created by natural sunlight. Brighter colors have also been known to relax people and you probably need to reduce the stress after a move.

A white apartment - Ideas for making your apartment appear larger
Light colors make your apartment appear larger, more open and airy.


Now, the best color you could choose would be, of course, white. However, if you don’t like the idea of having an all-white apartment you can always choose wooden furniture or textured elements that are in a different color. Furthermore, have in mind that there are different shades of white. Or if you’d prefer your apartment to be more colorful you can use soft tones of cool colors like, for example, green or blue.

More light to make your apartment appear larger

Another thing that is key to making your apartment appear larger also has to do with light. However, now we’re not talking about colors but the natural light and lightning. It would be best if you could put windows instead of your wall. That way you’d have a powerful source of natural light that could turn the smallest room into the biggest one. And just by connecting your room to the outside and giving it a limitless effect. So if you thought about curtains, don’t. For they’ll only block the sunlight and hide the view.

You can use shutters instead of curtains


But for many reasons, having that large windows is not always possible. So you have to find an alternative. And thank God for the artificial light! Now the common mistake we make is to put one or more light over our heads. The better solution for making your apartment appear larger would be to put a few smaller lamps around the room. The reason is that they will catch more attention and hence draw the eye around the room.

Looking up!

Anything that draws the eye upwards will make your apartment appear larger. And although an unusual method, you can put wallpapers on your ceiling or just paint it in something other than white. Your furniture movers can also do this by putting shelves near the ceiling.  They will surely catch some attention which is your ultimate goal. Or if you don’t really like the idea of shelves near the ceiling and having to climb a chair every time you want to reach something that’s okay. You can always put tall shelves, some tall piece of art or a tall lamp.

You can also try putting stripes on the walls. Yes, you’ve read right! Just like vertical stripes on pants can make your legs seem longer, vertical stripes on the walls can make them seem higher. Or if you want to keep your walls simple, you can get a striped rug. For the best effect, you should put the rug so that the stripes go to the length of the room that is the longest.

All the things you should know about the furniture

Now, there’s no talking about making your apartment appear larger without talking about types of furniture and furniture arranging. So here are some practical tips:

  • Unexpected furniture and layout will make your apartment appear larger. So how about putting your furniture diagonally? As you well know the longest straight line in any room is the diagonal so you will be emphasizing it this way.
  • Put your furniture a few inches away from the walls to get a more spacious feeling.
  • Always opt for fewer but bigger furniture pieces. One large couch is a better option for a small room than multiple small pieces of furniture. The reason is, of course, that too much furniture can make the room look cluttered. Plus, it’ll be easier to keep your apartment clean and organized this way.
  • The same goes for decorations. Oversized paintings or pictures will not only make your apartment feel more expensive but they will also make it seem larger. At least compared to the other option – a few small art pieces.
A room with an oversized painting - Ideas for making your apartment appear larger
Just try not to go overboard because too many oversized pieces of decor will make your room feel cluttered.


  • Hidden storage and multi-purpose items are your best friends! This kind of furniture helps keep your small apartment simple and decluttered. Believe it or not, you can use an ottoman as a coffee table and hidden storage at the same time.
  • Remember when we talked about light? Well, furniture with exposed legs allows the light to flow and the eye to wander freely and through the furniture. That creates an illusion of spaciousness which is your goal.
  • Mirrors are the special kind of furniture that helps making your apartment appear larger. They reflect the light and at the same time, they create depth. The best place for your mirror would be across the window if that’s possible.

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