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How to store musical instruments

AM Moving Company — March 26, 2020

There are a lot of reasons you might want to store an item in storage. You might be moving with movers Arlington TX and you are looking for somewhere to place all of your items. Or, you could be renovating your home and you are looking for a place where you can safely put your items. Whatever the case, you want anything you store to be safe and sound. This is especially true if you want to store musical instruments. They need some proper preparation and careful planning. So, you are in luck that AM Moving Company is here for you! In this article, we teach you exactly that!

Prepare to store musical instruments carefully

You might be under a lot of stress when you want to store something as valuable as your musical instruments. These items can get pretty expensive, so just putting them in a box and shoving them in your unit might not be enough! Instead, to both help protect them during your move with affordable movers Dallas or your renovation, as well as reduce a lot of stress, you need to prepare them well! You need to be sure that your instrument will be safe, however long it stays in the unit!

a violin in a hard case
If an instrument comes in a hard case – use it!

Usually, instruments will come in a hard case. If this is the case with yours, then you are in luck. You will not need to do much – all you need is to use it! These cases are built to protect the instruments if something falls on them. Even if it is a soft case, you might be able to get away with it if you store musical instruments for a short time.

However, the trouble comes when you do not have the hard case, or when you need to store your items longer. There is a lot that can happen to the unit – from the physical damage to UV lights, bugs and moisture – even when you are using the best storage services available. What’s more, even the lining inside the case can damage the instrument if it in there for a while. That’s why you need extra protection. So, let’s look at how you can prepare different types of instruments for storage!

Woodwind and string musical instruments are easy to store

If you are playing a woodwind or string instrument, then you are in luck. Storing and transporting these musical instruments is usually easy because you can break them up into sections. This was made for easier transport, but it also prevents pressure on the joints, so it works well as a storing mechanism for a long time, too.

First, clean the instrument carefully with a clean cloth. Vacuum it to remove dust, since the particles can scratch the wood or brass. Of course, make sure you are using the right tools for cleaning your instrument. Make sure you avoid household cleaners. These can be pretty damaging on your instruments – and you do not want that. If you are unsure about what you use, visit your local music store and ask them about it.

Use a tissue paper to protect the pads on your saxophone when placing it in storage.

After you disassemble your instrument, there are still things to do. For woodwind instruments like flutes and saxophones, you will want to put tissue paper between the pads. This will keep them from becoming sticky when in storage for a while. You should also try to secure and wrap each piece separately, so they do not bump into each other in the transport.

When it comes to string instruments, make sure you release the tension on the strings. If you do not, you can completely ruin the musical instrument in the storage. The strings can snap and the neck can warp, which render it useless. Yes, you will need to tune it up again when you are done storing it, but it will be worth it in the long run!

Drums and piano might need special care

When it comes to drums and pianos, things might not be as simple. Pianos especially are not usually found in storage units, and you might need some specialty services to get it there. However, there is an upside here as well! Unlike other string instruments, you do not need to loosen up the strings on a piano. They can handle tons of pressure, so you are safe when storing it! You will need to wrap up pedals, legs and the bench though for protection, though. For this, we recommend using some heavy padding materials. You should also cover the whole piano with a tarp to protect it from dust.

think about your drums when you store musical instruments
Be careful about how you store your drums.

When it comes to moving drums, things are pretty similar. You will want to loosen the skins. Otherwise, they can stretch and ruin the instrument. Again, figure out the way to disassemble the kit. Some drumsets you can stack into each other, while others do not work that way. Finally, cover your drums with a tarp as well.


To conclude, there is a lot you should know about the ways in which you can store musical instruments in a unit. As you can see, most of them will require you to disassemble the instrument or change its shape in some way. We want to stress that if you are unsure about how to do this, you should seek the help of professionals. Music stores and some furniture assembly services can do this for you safely and with ease! Then, find the perfect storage unit and you will be able to sleep soundly knowing your instruments are safe!

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