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Eco-friendly packing supplies for your next relocation

AM Moving Company — March 19, 2020

As we all know, the conditions on our planet are rapidly deteriorating. While governments and environmental groups around the world are struggling to find inventive solutions that will turn things around, our job as individuals is to adopt new behavioral patterns that will assist them in their mission. One of the ways to help them is to use sustainable solutions whenever we can. Today, we will explore eco-friendly packing supplies that you can use during your next relocation.

Adopt new behavior and learn how to affect others around you

Our planet is reaching a critical point as far as the number of people is concerned. Today we can fairly say that the earth is overpopulated. At least overpopulated with species that are not taking care of its environment. If we could change our manners. Adopt a new behavior. And learn how to use eco-friendly solutions constantly we could probably see our environment’s recovery. Even in the next few decades.

Depiction of a customer company relation
Deal only with green companies


How to affect others to employ green solutions

Changing your own behavior is an important step. However, you can also do much more by influencing others around you. Talking to people that you know is a good step. But you can be more efficient. Especially if you look at yourself as a customer. Large companies are doing a much better job of polluting our planet than individuals do.

So, next time you are hiring a moving company, appliance installation services, or buying products from manufacturing companies, make sure that you are dealing only with those that apply green solutions in their businesses. Companies understand this language much better than you expect. Especially if they feel that customers are turning away from their products and services.

Use eco-friendly packing supplies and hire only green companies during a move

We create a lot of waste daily. However, there are situations when we can do a lot of damage in one stroke. One situation when people create a lot of eco-unfriendly waste is when they move. When you are moving, you are leaving the same amount of plastic waste as you do during several months of your normal life. If you were the only one moving this wouldn’t be such a problem. Each year, tens of millions of Americans are moving.  This creates mountains of non-biodegradable waste.

However, this is not only affecting the US environment but the whole world as well. Therefore, for your next move, try to use eco-friendly packing supplies and use services of green companies like furniture assembly Dallas. If you apply this advice and you affect others to so, soon we will see other companies changing their ways as well.

Eco-friendly packing supplies to use during your next move

Packing supplies are the main culprit when we are talking about pollution during a move. A large portion of them is made from non-biodegradable plastic. Luckily, as people are changing their practices, so do companies that are producing packing supplies. These days we can find eco-friendly substitutes for almost every packing supply that you will need during a move. But it is also important to use packing and unpacking services TX that are applying those solutions. Here is what you can find.

Illustration of a recycled box
You can find many green packing solutions these days


Replace styrofoam peanuts with biodegradable ones

Packing peanuts are those small gentle foam pieces that are good for protecting your sensitive items during a move. However, many countries are banning styrofoam because it is not biodegradable. Packing peanuts are especially dangerous. They are very small, and they can turn into even smaller pieces when they are damaged. Along with their low weight, this makes them practically impossible to collect and remove from nature. Luckily, these days you can easily find their biodegradable substitute. Not only that they will not survive in nature forever but they are a cheaper option as well.

Use corrugated carton wrap instead of bubble plastic as eco-friendly packing supplies

During a move, people use tons of plastic. One of the most popular packing supplies is bubble plastic. You will use it to protect your items from damage. But did you know that you can find its cardboard substitute? People have found that way to extend the life of corrugated cardboard. Instead of wasting damaged boxes leftover from your movers Plano TX, or getting them to recycling, companies are cutting the corrugated cardboard so you can use it as cushioning material.

Use organic fabrics instead of plastic

Besides bubble plastic that you will use for cushioning, many times you will use plastic bags to protect items from dirt or rain. Luckily, these days there are many sustainable solutions on the market. Hemp, tapioca, recycled cotton, palm leaves, and similar are all considered green solutions. Mainly because they will degrade in nature in a matter of months.

Plastic as an eco-friendly packing supply

You probably cannot imagine plastic as a green solution. However, many times it can be a good option. Local movers Dallas are one of those companies that like to use reusable plastic containers. When you are using plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes, you are not creating any waste whatsoever. The company will bring you the boxes in which you will put your items. There are no plastic bags, ripped cardboard or wasted packing tape.

Pile of plastic crates
Plastic boxes are green packing supplies


When you unpack your stuff you just stack them. And wait for the movers to pick them up. Those plastic boxes will be used for other relocations again and again. Even if they are broken. They can easily be recycled and put to use again. That is why plastic bins are considered as one of the best eco-friendly packing supplies.

Try to make a bigger impact

As you can see, nowadays you can use many different eco-friendly packing supplies.  However, even more, it is important to work with environmentally conscious companies. Not only when moving but also in other aspects of your life. That way you will make a much bigger effect on recovering our planet. Good luck with your next move, and do not forget to stay green.

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