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How to prepare your moving budget in Texas

AM Moving Company — March 13, 2020

One of the first things to do when moving is to prepare your moving budget.  Moving is a complicated process and thus very expensive. If you do not want to be left without funds in the middle of this operation, make sure that you put all possible expenses on paper. Of course, your expenses depend on many factors. If you are planning a DIY move, things will be very complicated. However, you can expect to have fewer expenses. On the other hand, if you are going to move with the help of movers Richardson TX, things will be much easier. When moving with the help of your movers there are several ways to do it. You can hire our full service, or you can hire us just for the most difficult part of the move, and do the rest on your own.

Prepare your moving budget for a DIY move

Even though a DIY move is the cheapest way to move, it is still very expensive. Yes, you might save some money on loading and unloading services. But you still have to pay for renting a truck, gas, packing materials, etc. Here is what to consider when preparing your moving budget for a DIY move.

Renting a moving truck

If you do not own a truck or at least a large van you will have to rent one before you move. Renting a moving truck is not cheap. However, it is still cheaper than hiring a moving crew and paying them by the hour. If you really want to save money on this, the trick is to precisely determine how much stuff you got, rent the smallest truck possible, and pack it tightly.

prepare your moving budget - A moving truck
Whit DIY relocation, renting a moving truck is one of the main expenses


Calculate gas expenses

Yes, you already paid for the truck, but you still have to pay for the gas. Ask your truck rental company how much mileage for a gallon your truck will offer. Then use a map to see how much distance you will have to cross. Finally, calculate the expenses for the gas when you are preparing your moving budget.

Do not forget about moving boxes and wraps

When you are moving on your own, you will have to buy packing materials. Moving boxes, plastic wraps, bags, moving blankets, packing tapes, are not cheap. Add them to your moving budget as well.

Renting additional equipment

Many times, when moving on your own, you will have to rent additional equipment. You might need a dolly to move a piano. Or a loading ramp to load things easier into the truck. Think about everything in advance. And add that into your moving budget.

Unexpected expenses

As moving is so complicated, you never know what could come up. Therefore leave a small amount for unexpected expenses. Just is something happens along the way. If you do not spend it, you can invest that money to hire furniture assembly service TX to help you after a difficult and stressful move. That could turn up to be a great investment when you arrive dead tired into your new home.

Prepare your moving budget when hiring a moving company

Yes, we all know that moving on your own is cheaper. Everyone also knows that it is much easier to move with the help of a professional moving service. However, only people who moved numerous times know that you can have the best of both worlds. Save money on the things that you can do easily on your own. And pay your movers for their packing and unpacking services or other difficult tasks. If you still want to hire a full moving service here is how to prepare your moving budget.

Carton boxes loaded with stuff
If you do not want to pack on your own, hire packing services


Moving company price

Find several moving companies and ask for their moving estimates. Whether you are looking for a moving company from Richardson or local movers Dallas is offering, this is the best way to find the most affordable price. However, do not choose offers that are much cheaper than others are. There is a big possibility that you will be a victim of fraudulent movers. Also, make sure that you find and hire a reliable moving company. Clumsy movers could eventually cost you much more than you previously expected.

You have many specialty items

Many moving companies will charge you extra if they have to deal with items that ore oversized, sensitive, very valuable, or difficult to maneuver. If you have to move a piano, pool table, hot tub, heavy safe, or maybe a motorcycle you will probably have to pay extra.

Do not forget about packing services

Packing is probably the most difficult and most stressful part of your move. If you hire a packing and unpacking service, you will have to pay. However, the good thing about hiring packing and unpacking services, besides obvious convenience, is that they will bring their own packing materials, and they will pack your items much better than you could.

Furniture assembly and disassembly

Moving companies offer many additional services. One of the most convenient is furniture disassembly and reassembly service. That could be a lifesaver. Especially after a long and difficult move.

Man assembling furniture
When you want to prepare your moving budget, you can’t do it without calculating furniture assembling service


Hidden expenses and fees that you will have to predict when preparing your moving budget

If you hire a moving company make sure that you understand all about their pricing policy and possible hidden fees. Some companies will additionally charge you:

  • If they have to carry your items up or down many stairs you will have to think about that in advance
  • They could also ask you to pay additionally if they cannot park a truck close to your home so they have to carry your stuff a long way.
  • If they cannot park a truck close to your home, sometimes they will include a shuttle truck service.
  • When some of your items cannot go through a door or a hallway and they need to carry it in or out of your home through a window.
  • If you will be using their storage service, think about that when you are preparing your moving budget.

If you want to prepare your moving budget do not forget about moving insurance

No matter whether you are moving on your own or with the help of a moving company, you will have to think about moving insurance. Of course, insurance is not obligatory and you can move without it. A moving company will even give you some basic coverage. But is not the same as proper moving insurance. If you want to prepare a moving budget properly, you cannot do it without calculating insurance.

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