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How to prepare your motorcycle for transport

AM Moving Company — March 10, 2020

If you are preparing for a relocation, and you are the proud owner of a motorcycle, surely you are wondering what is the best way to move it. Of course, you are not the only one in this situation. Many people before you successfully moved their bikes with the help of movers Frisco TX. However, there are things that you should do before your movers arrive so that your motorcycle is prepared for transportation. If you are doing this for the first time, and you want to prepare your motorcycle for transport without riding it, here is what you should do.

You can ride your motorcycle to its destination. Your machine is a transportation device after all.

When you are thinking about transporting your motorcycle, naturally the first thing on your mind will be to ride it to your destination. A motorcycle is a transportation vehicle after all. So, thinking about transporting your motorcycle on its wheels is not such a bad idea. Especially if your goal is to transport only your motorbike. If you decide on this option, you will need to prepare thoroughly. Of course, you will need to have an appropriate suit and a helmet.

Load up your saddlebags and ride your bike


Also, if you will be riding it, you also need to prepare your motorcycle for transport so it can withstand the long journey.  So before the trip, you will need to visit a mechanic. Another important thing when you are preparing to travel long distances on your motorbike is to watch out for the weather. You cannot ride a bike in the middle of winter, for example.

If you find an appropriate moving company you will have a much easier task

On the other hand, if you are moving with the rest of your stuff, riding a motorcycle maybe is not so convenient. Therefore, you will probably have to find an appropriate moving company that will help you with this matter. Unfortunately, there aren’t many moving companies that are proficient in moving motorcycles. However, you can find an appliance delivery service that can also be helpful in this situation. Appliances are not so different from a motorcycle, so they would surely know how to do it properly. If you have friends that had a similar experience you can ask them to recommend a moving company with experience in moving such cargo.

You can rent a truck or a trailer to transport your motorcycle

Another option at your disposal is to rent a truck or a trailer to transport your motorcycle. This will probably be a cheaper option than hiring a moving company. However, if you hire long distance movers TX things will be much easier. If you decide to rent a trailer you will have to know how to prepare your motorcycle for transport, how to secure it during the ride, and you will have to be careful while driving. Of course, in the case of any trouble, you will be on your own. Therefore, if you are doing this the smart thing to do is to have someone with you.

Prepare your motorcycle for transport – Cleaning

Even though hiring a moving service is the most convenient way to do this, you will still need to know how to prepare your motorcycle for transport. To do this, your first step is to clean your bike thoroughly. Of course, it is nice to have a clean motorbike, but there are many more reasons to do this. Your motorcycle, if you are using it regularly, is probably a very dirty machine. Besides the dirt, mud, and dust, there are probably oil and gas leaks that are making your bike greasy. As you will be touching it and inspecting it before the move, you will first need to clean it.

Motorcycle closeup
When you want to prepare your motorcycle for transport make sure that it is clean


Prepare your motorcycle for transport – Inspection

After you cleaned your bike it is time for an inspection. If you are hiring a freight transportation service, your task will be to note all scratches, dents, imperfections and broken parts. Take photos of any details that you consider important like a current mileage, for example. Look for leaks and other issues. If you can it would be good if you can bring your motorbike into the operational state. If not, make sure that your moving company is notified about it, and that they check your notes. You will have trouble proving that something is broken during transport if you didn’t record it on time.

Prepare your motorcycle for transport – Check loose parts

Motorcycles can have lots of loose parts that can be broken off during transportation. Of course, that depends on the model of your motorbike. If you can, remove or secure all parts that are sticking out. This usually refers to side mirrors and saddlebags. Also, if you have any personal things on your machine, remove it before the move.

Prepare your motorcycle for transport – Tires and gas

When you are preparing your motorcycle for transportation, you should also make sure that you check your tires. Your tires need to have enough pressure on them so that a bike can be moved. Movers will need to push it on and of the truck. If you want to help them, you can leave some gas in the tank. Of course, do not leave to much as it will make your bike heavier, and that will cost you money.

Motorbike tire
Your tires have to be inflated


Give your movers tips about your machine

Every machine has its own personality and tricks that are specific to each individual bike. If you have any special way to start your motorbike. Or there are any other specifics, make sure that you notify the moving crew that will be handling it.

And that is it. As you can see, it is not so hard to prepare your motorcycle for transport. You just need to find reliable and experienced movers that will help you with this task. Good luck!

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