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How to label your moving boxes like a pro

AM Moving Company — February 13, 2020

The moving process is something that takes quite a lot of time and effort to complete. It consists of a quite long period of preparation for moving. Then, packing comes into the picture. Some people like having help from movers Richardson TX with their packing. Others, however, decide that they’re going to pack all of their items by themselves. Either option is a pretty legitimate one. The only important thing to know if you decide to pack your items by yourself is how to do it properly. There are many components to packing. Therefore, we’re not going to take a look at them all today. Still, we are going to help you label your moving boxes like a pro. While this may seem like one of the simplest jobs out there, there are some guidelines that you should follow in order to make your settling in as easy as possible.

What to pay attention to when you need to pack your moving boxes

Packing your items is not that difficult in terms of placing your items in a moving box. Anyone can do this. Still, you are going to have to approach it with a little more jump in order to make the most of it. The skillfulness that you are going, or not going to show in regards to packing your moving boxes is going to show its impact upon the completion of your process of relocation. However, there are some aspects of the packing process that you can be extra careful about in order to maximize the gain that you await from it. So, with a focus on the right focal points, professional loading and unloading services can bring in some real extra value to you.

Make an inventory list when you want to label your moving boxes
Inventory is one of the things to make when you prepare for relocating


In order to make the most of this process, you should pay close attention to the following aspects of packing when you decide to label your moving boxes:

  • Make sure to come up with an inventory
  • Use bright colors when you label your moving boxes
  • Use waterproof markers in order to label your moving boxes
  • Label all sides of your boxes

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of the above-mentioned bullets.

Come up with an inventory list

The first thing that you should make sure to do when you start packing is to come up with your inventory list. Without completing this process, you will not receive any tangible benefit when you label your moving boxes.

An inventory list is something that your professional DFW residential movers can complete on your behalf. Alternatively, you may decide to come up with one yourself. 

The fact is, in the case that you decide to label your moving boxes by yourself, you should go on and create an inventory list too.

Firstly, you are going to be the one who will be taking care of your items. Therefore, you are going to be aware of what items you have and the decision whether or not you should take them with you will be easier to make.

Secondly, the fate of your items will be in your hands. You will know whether all of them have been packed or not.

Lastly, you will have an idea of the location of a certain item even without consulting your inventory list.

Therefore, it is our suggestion to complete as much packing by yourself as you can. It is going to prove worthy in the end.

Use bright colors when you label your moving boxes

Knowing which of the moving boxes your items are in is great. However, what are you going to do in the case that you are unable to locate your moving box?

Therefore, it is very important to use very bright colors to label your moving boxes. If you or your interstate movers TX get down to label your moving boxes, make sure to use yellow, orange, red or any other brightly colored pieces of paper for this purpose. Bright colors will make sure that you will easily see where your items are. 

permanent markers
Use waterproof markers when labeling


Also, it is a wise practice to label all of your moving boxes at the exact same place. This way, you will know where to look in order to find out what items are placed in a particular moving box.

In the end, with labeling, it is always about colors.

Waterproof markers are perfect for labeling moving boxes

The relocation process is going to consider taking your items outside at least for carrying them to a moving truck. Therefore, it is very possible that your items will get wet on the way regardless of the season that you are moving in. It rains in summer too, right?

So, to be certain that you are really going to be able to read your label, you should make sure to use waterproof, permanent markers for writing. The last thing that you’d want is to label your moving boxes only to have the label washed off by rain.

Label all sides of your boxes

The last piece of advice that we are going to hand out today is where to label your moving boxes. The best place to do it? Upper left corner. What side of the moving box? All of them.

Sticky notes
Make sure to use bright colors for labeling your moving boxes


You should expect your moving boxes to tumble and turn during the relocation process. Once you take them out of the moving truck, who knows into what position you are going to place them down on.

Therefore, in order to always be able to know what the inside of a moving box holds, label its every side.


One of the smartest decisions that you would be wise to make when moving is to label your moving boxes. This really is the only way to know what they hold without having to open them.

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