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Tips for storing Christmas decorations

AM Moving Company — January 16, 2020

Our favorite time of the year – holiday time – has come to an end. We looked forward to it for a few months, prepared decorations, bought presents and ate good food. It’s a magical time when most families gather together and enjoy a few weeks of relaxation in a stress-free environment. However, now that it’s over, everyone is going back to their daily grind, and the holidays have lost its magic. It’s time to finally admit that you should start packing and storing Christmas decorations. This task may seem simple, but there are a few things that you should definitely keep in mind. This goes especially for people who have recently moved and haven’t yet had to store their holiday decor in the new home. Read on and find out our pro tips!

Our tips for storing Christmas decorations

As most Texas movers, we are all about practicality. With years of experience in the moving industry, we know how to advise our customers when it comes to packing their belongings. It’s important that your things are packed in a way that they will be safe during relocation.

Santa Claus figure with a gold bauble
In order to re-use your treasured Christmas decorations again, you have to make sure they survive the rest of the year.


Also, some of the boxes we move for you won’t be opened for a while and a few will end up going to storage facilities. Simply, people don’t have enough room in their new home for everything. It’s not always necessary to keep everything in the house, either. Storing away Christmas ornaments and holiday decor is something most people choose to do. You only use them for a short time during the year, and they can take up a lot of storage space. Here’s what we advise you to do when it’s time to put away the baubles and the twinkling lights.

Gather all the supplies before you start packing away holiday decor

Let’s be real, you will end up using most of the same decor next year as well. They are expensive but easy to mix and match, so with one set of decorations, you can make your house look a bit different each Christmas. Since you want them to look as nice next year as they did this year, you should pay attention to how you’re storing your Christmas decorations. For instance, most of the baubles are quite thin, and packing fragile items requires more thought and preparation.

Things you will need for storing Christmas decorations

There isn’t always a need to rush to the nearest store to buy brand-new packing supplies. If you’ve got leftover moving boxes, they will come in handy! Pick the smaller moving boxes for the ornaments so they don’t move around. Moving boxes come in different sizes,  but we are certain you can find a few you can re-use! Here are a few other things you will need to use when packing holiday ornaments.

Checklist for packing supplies

  • Bubble wrap. This one may be obvious, but if you’ve got glass baubles or other very fragile decorations, this will be your best friend. Wrapping individual ornaments in bubble wrap before storing them in boxes is a great way to ensure they won’t break.
  • Ziploc bags for storing Christmas decorations. There is nothing worse than having to untangle a bunch of lights before putting them on your tree. Wrap them up and store each string of lights in a separate bag. This will prevent them from wrapping around other decor and make it easier for you to use them again.

Tape and markers. Of course, each box should be taped shut and labeled accordingly, so you don’t waste much time trying to figure out what is inside.


Person holding a string of lights

    Think twice when storing string lights away – they can tangle easily and make unpacking a nightmare!

Store your holiday decor in separate boxes and label them accordingly

When you start the moving process, each company will tell you the same thing. Moving companies Plano TX knows how crucial it is to pay attention to labeling your moving boxes. Not only will it help them when it comes to unloading, but it will aid you when you start unpacking. Another reason why it’s important to label your boxes in detail is that movers will tell you to use opaque boxes for storing items long-term.

No matter whether they are in your basement or in a storage facility, these kinds of boxes will prevent sunlight from damaging your decorations. Labels will then help you know what is inside each box, so you don’t have to open them one by one. Also, do not think about storing Christmas decorations among other everyday items!  This will make it more complicated and you won’t be able to remember where you put them.

You can use egg cartons to safely store your baubles

It may seem silly, but empty egg cartons are really useful when it comes to putting away Christmas decorations. They can chip or break very easily, especially if they are made out of glass. Smaller baubles can fit into egg cartons, and when you tape them shut and put inside a larger box, you will know they won’t break. In case you’ve got bigger ornaments, there are special boxes you can use for their storage. Most retail stores carry them, and you can find a box of the right size that has protection dividers for each ornament.

Silver baubles in a pile
Store your fragile ornaments in egg cartons to make sure they won’t chip or break in storage.

Storing Christmas decorations doesn’t have to be complicated

We understand that putting away your holiday decor can be a sad occasion. It finally marks the end of Christmas and the magic that surrounds it. However, packing and storing Christmas decorations doesn’t have to be a complicated task. Simply follow our tips and take extra precautions when packing everything away. If you put some thought into it, you can enjoy those great decorations again next year! 

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