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Tips for helping kids settle into a new home

AM Moving Company — December 15, 2019

Are you planning to move with your family soon? Today your AM Moving Company team is sharing with you some tricks that we have learned over the years of working in the moving industry. We’ll help make your moving day happy and calm. We have already moved so many families during the time we spent in the relocation business. As a rule, kids were always happy to help with moving chores. On that note, you probably won’t have much trouble helping kids settle into a new home. If you want to know all the tips on helping kids settle into a new home, read on. We love when kids want to learn new things any chance they can get. So why should moving be any different?

Quick and easy tips to keep your kids busy during a relocation

Since children tend to get into the messiest situations when you’re as swamped as can be with moving obligations. That is why you want to minimize any moving-related anxiety for them. Luckily, we have some helpful little tips for helping kids settle into a new home. Not only can this article keep your kids happy during a move but also help empower them in the process.

Kids drawing
Giving your kids responsibilities will give them a feeling of fulfillment

Store away all potentially dangerous chemicals when helping kids settle into a new home

Before you even start packing, completely remove, or at least lock away all household cleaning products. These are very hazardous and unsafe for children to be close by. This might seem like a no-brainer but it is common for people to forget helping kids settle into a new home by putting hazmats away. Just remember that you’re going to be in the middle of all the chaos that such a big project involves. So let our skillful residential movers help you. Try using fewer pesticides for landscape and gardening as your moving day approaches. You are only helping kids settle into a new home if you keep them safe during a move. So don’t have these toxin-filled products lying around the house. Less of these you have during the packing stage, the better!

Set relocation day rules if helping kids settle into a new home is your priority

So once you finally finish packing, it’s a clever idea to gather your kids and do a mini pep-talk. Talk to your children and lay down some basic relocation rules. Don’t hold back when you are telling your children what they can and can not help with. Especially when it comes to helping kids settle into a new home, they can try to move boxes or even smaller pieces of furniture and that might get dangerous. Remember, even the smallest of items could be a potential accident if they’re piled up. Or in case your kids trip and fall, or cut and bruise themselves on something. So you want to make sure everyone is in a controlled environment.

Girl blowing bubbles
Your kids should be properly constrained in moving vehicles.

Don’t shy away from giving your older children more freedom in the process

  • If you have a child who is a few years older and has shown more responsibility, show them you appreciate them.
  • When helping kids settle into a new home is a top priority, you want to share with them your pride in them.
  • Tell them they are old enough to take care of themselves and how much you trust them.
  • Not only will your teenagers be thrilled to not be bossed around, but it will make them feel like a grown-up.
  • They will know that they are a reliable part of the family team. Maybe they can decide for themselves what they could be working on to contribute.

Designate a safe place for playing when you’re helping kids settle into a new home

Why not doing everything in your power to try and occupy your children during a move in order to keep them safe? There is a great passive method for doing this. You could designate the backyard as a play area for the little ones play during the entire packing or unpacking process. Of course, this is only viable if the weather is warm enough. If the weather is not on your side, you should instead choose a safe room in the house for the kids to play. Explain to them why they should stay there enjoying different games and stay out of the movers’ way.

To keep kids busy and happy during a move, allow them to help pack

How does this work? If your kids are busy packing their clothes or toys, they won’t be tripping over boxes in the hallway. They will deal with the changes more easily if they are a part of them. Create a fun environment where the whole family does task by task. This works great for most kids, but more for those in the older age group. Allow your children to pack their own stuff from their bedrooms. We believe this trick will teach them a lot about taking responsibility for their own possessions. Plus you get a little break if they do an exceptional job!

If you own a pet, then that will be the perfect solution for helping kids settle into a new home. Give your kids the task of taking care of pets during the relocation.
If you own a pet, then that will be the perfect solution for helping kids settle into a new home

Have a safe journey!

Try your best to pack most of those little knicks and knacks either in the moving van or in the trunk of your car. We don’t want projectiles flying around while you’re driving. Also, you should remember to leave a couple of small bags of snacks and drinks in the car in order for the environment to be as enjoyable as possible. Keep kids happy during a move with the help of our expert AM movers. You will arrive at your new address without a problem. We can ensure that the whole family stays safe and sound throughout the entire process. Call us now!

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