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Tips for speeding up the moving process

AM Moving Company — December 2, 2019

Once you start planning your move you may feel like it will never end. There are a million things that you have to do. And then some more! From choosing the right moving company to picking the moving date and packing and unpacking your belongings. You just can’t imagine that the moving process will end soon when all you want is it to be over. But don’t worry. With these tips for speeding up the moving process, it will all be over in no time!

Hire professionals to speed up the moving process

One thing that’ll surely speed up the moving process is hiring a professional moving company. They have moved different households a thousand times before. Which makes them experienced and more importantly – fast. Now, every moving company offers many services. Of course, you don’t have to use all of their services. But the more services you use, the faster the moving process will be.

Sticky note with "update" written on it
You can’t update your address on various documents in one day and that’s why you need all the time you can get


Professional moving companies know all the tricks and tips for speeding up the moving process. Furthermore, many professional moving companies have one or more employees whose job is to be available for questions. Their job is to be there if you need help or you have doubts or questions about anything related to local or long distance moving. So consider asking them for some tips for speeding up the moving process.

Perks of hiring a professional moving company

The most obvious perk of hiring a professional moving company is that you won’t have to be worrying about a lot of things. They’ll do them for you. However, there are some tasks that only you can do. The tasks like:

  • transferring your utilities
  • medical files
  • updating your personal information on your documents and so on.

And by hiring a professional moving company you will be left with enough time to run these errands.

Stop procrastinating to speed up the moving process

We are all guilty of procrastinating the tasks we’re not too keen on doing. However, you’d better start as soon as you can if you want to speed up the moving process. I know it’s not easy because no one is happy about decluttering or packing. And many feel like moving is a dreadful chore. But the sooner you start the easier and less stressful it’ll be. Plus, if you stop procrastinating you’ll be done with your relocation sooner!

Speeding up the moving process and checklist

The best way to start your residential or commercial moving process is by planning it thoroughly. Good organization is key to speeding up the moving process. For you can’t be fast and efficient if you don’t know what you’re supposed to do or what to do first. So think about what needs to be done to make the moving process successful. Write down everything you come up with.

A checklist - Tips for speeding up the moving process
Make a checklist out of the things you come up with


However, that checklist shouldn’t be your regular checklist. Although it brings satisfaction to tick off the tasks that you’ve done, that is not enough to speed up the moving process. What you need to do is to prioritize. There are a few ways you can prioritize your checklist. You can make it chronological. Or you can put the most important things first. No matter what you choose it’s important that once you make that list you stick with it.

Benefits of making a checklist

I’ve already mentioned the benefit of satisfaction that you get when you tick off the tasks. However, having a prioritized checklist is also a good way to keep you calm and focused. Furthermore, it’s a great way of keeping track of what you have done and what you have left to do. It’s the best way to make sure that you don’t forget anything.

Signs "stress" and "relax" - Tips for speeding up the moving process
Overthinking is also one of the main causes of stress


Having this list will also give you the opportunity to speed up the moving process without overthinking. Because overthinking is one of the main causes of a slow-moving process. By having what you need to do already decided you won’t have to worry about what to do next or if you could be doing something more important. You can just relax, avoid stress and go through the tasks without much of a thought. And considering that moving is one of the most stressful experiences in life you should grab every chance you get for a stress-free move.

Speed up the moving process by decluttering

Decluttering is something that will surely speed up the moving process. If you go through your belongings beforehand and decide what you’re taking with you it’ll be much easier to pack later. And systematic packing and proper labeling are also very important when you’re trying to speed up the moving process. You should make two piles – one for the things you’re keeping and the other one for the things you’re donating or selling.

All of the things that you don’t use should go in the pile for donating or selling. And for speeding up the moving process you’ll have to be decisive. You don’t have the time to get nostalgic or sentimental about the things you don’t use. You’ll get new ones! Furthermore, many people forget that movers charge you for the weight and the size of your shipment. This means that there’s no point in moving items whose shipping price is higher than their value price. There’s no need for paying to ship for your plates and cups, for example, if it’s actually cheaper to buy new ones. So these items should be in your donating or selling pile.

Friends and family and speeding up the moving process

If you feel like you can’t make it then it’s high time you asked for some help. Call your friends and family. I’m sure that they’ll come to your aid! This is a great way of speeding up the moving process and, at the same time, spending some quality time with them before you move. You can even turn it into a small gathering after you’ve finished with everything. It’s a nice chance to say goodbye to your friends and family over some tasty food and drinks.

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