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How to decorate your Dallas home for Thanksgiving after moving in

AM Moving Company — November 27, 2019

Holidays are perfect for families to spend time together, visit each other and simply enjoy. It also gives us an excellent excuse to change the look of our home. If you have just moved in, this is a great chance to use empty space and decorate your Dallas home for Thanksgiving.

Make your house presentable

The clean and mess-free house is most beautiful. The recent move includes boxes a lot of used and discarded packing materials and other unwanted clutter. If you want to decorate your Dallas home for Thanksgiving, first make sure that it is nice and clean. There is really no point to decorate a messy house. Holiday decorations will only be adding to clutter. Your long distance movers can unload everything to according rooms. It will be easier to unpack.

illustration of a woman holding bucket
Clean your home after moving in

After unpacking

Once you have unpacked everything, make sure that you throw out unnecessary junk and used packing materials. If you want to reuse some of the packing supplies, pack them in one place and get it out of your way. Or you could check with your local movers Dallas and rent a storage unit, for safekeeping.

Simple ways to decorate your Dallas home for Thanksgiving

Relocations often use up all of your energy and nerves. Not to mention that it is expensive and time-consuming, even with reliable Dallas movers. You could decorate your home without spending too much free time and money. These simple ways will help you to achieve that. Decorate your Dallas home for Thanksgiving with:

Pumpkin decorations
• Fall decor
A wreath on your doors
• Fall flowers
Table centerpiece
• Leafs

Pumpkin decorations

Pumpkins are traditional Thanksgiving decor. You have all kinds of pumpkins: ceramic, velvet, wooden, etc. Also, the most popular trend this year is white ceramic pumpkins or brown ones. White pumpkins match with almost everything. They are easily incorporated in any type of decor and look. You could even make a table centerpiece from a couple of pumpkins and candles. If you want to experiment a little, you could make your own pumpkins from different textiles.

Pumpkins to decorate your Dallas home for Thanksgiving
You can’t decorate your Dallas home for Thanksgiving without pumpkins

Wreath on doors

A wreath can be both outside and inside decoration. It’s one of the most simple ways to decorate your Dallas home for Thanksgiving. Wheat wreath or green wreath is excellent to hang on your entrance. A simple way to do so, without drilling holes and damaging your door are hooks. Use the small plastic hook, taped inside and upside down.

Tie a rope or string to your wreath and then make a small knot, leaving a circle at the end of the rope so you can hang it on a hook. String won’t get in a way when closing doors. Just don’t use to thick rope and you won’t have any problems.

Wreaths are also nice looking addition to your kitchen or dining room decoration. It doesn’t have to be just for the front doors.

Flowers bouquets in fall colors

Flowers are all-year-round decorations. Fall flowers are in beautiful red, orange, green and white colors. Add some wheat stalks to your bouquets for a more festive look. The dining table will be complete with a nice-looking flower vase. This is a simple way to decorate, but also very effective. With some additional small decor pieces, you will decorate your Dallas home for Thanksgiving in no time.

Table centerpieces as your main Thanksgiving decoration

If you are not a big fan of decorations spread around the entire home, you can just make or buy a table centerpiece. This is enough Thanksgiving decor by itself. Also, centerpieces can be large or small ones.

If you are expecting family for the holidays, this is a great addition to family dinner. Make sure that you finish with unpacking and preparations before your family arrives. Your piano movers can be of great assistance during moving in. Just give them detailed instructions about unloading once you arrive.

Fall foliage is free and it can be a great thing to decorate your Dallas home for Thanksgiving

Leafs says it is fall. Thanksgiving is a time when you can see beautiful fall foliage and no wonder that it is a perfect decoration for your home. So, go outside and gather some nice leaves or use artificial leaves and scatter them around your living area or entryway. You could place them around your other decorations or on the mantle if you have one.

Besides that, you can place a branch with autumn leaves in a vase or a pot. Add light strings for Thanksgiving dinner, for a warmer atmosphere.

Stay within neutral, earthy color pallet if you want to decorate your Dallas home for Thanksgiving with style

Whatever type of decor you choose, if you stick to warm, earthy colors you will achieve your goal. Thanksgiving is best to portray with rustic decor with plenty of fall products like pumpkins, squash, corn, and leaves.

But if you’d like to decorate the entire home, start with the wreath on the front door. Then continue with your living room. But, you don’t have to place too many decorations, a few touches here and there will do the trick. For example, switch your cover blankets in the living room and pillowcases as well. Also,  you could take out some flower vase in orange or brown color or some other accent piece.

colorful pillows
You can change pillowcases to easily match the Thanksgiving atmosphere

Don’t forget to do your bathroom. Place one or two decorations there as well. But make sure that they are humidity and water-resistant.

Decorate your Dallas home for Thanksgiving with scented candles and dinner

Finally, decorate your Dallas home for Thanksgiving with scented candles. Light them up when you are done with your work and enjoy the holiday atmosphere. Of course, a nice Thanksgiving dinner with friends or family is the best way to celebrate moving into a new home. But, there is so little time to enjoy fall theme decoration, especially with Christmas coming soon.

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