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Tips for moving your office to Dallas

AM Moving Company — November 5, 2019

Moving your office is so much different than moving your home. Some even say that a commercial move is the hardest type of move. But don’t let that scare you. Yes, moving your office to Dallas can be complicated. But it’s just a big project that needs careful planning. So if you use these tips for moving your office to Dallas and this moving to Dallas guide everything will go smoothly.

Start planning on time

As I’ve already said, moving your office to Dallas is a big project. And like with any project, good planning is a key to success. And because of the size of the project that is commercial relocation in Dallas, you need to start planning as early as you can! You can’t just wing it. For your company is at stake.

You can’t expect your employees to stay all night in your office to pack everything. Nor can you expect to find the perfect moving company in a day. However, what you can expect is that it’ll take a few months to plan everything. Plus, a few months more to actually relocate your office to Dallas. These things take time so it’s important to start early on.

A clock pointing to minute to twelve
Don’t wait till the last minute to start planning!

First things first when moving your office to Dallas

Deciding to move your office to Dallas is a great choice. But you do need to find the right place for your office. Because you can’t move unless you know where you’re moving, can you? Hire a real estate agent to find you a few options.

Once you have blueprints you can try figuring out the layout of your office. See if all of the furniture from your old office can fit in your new office in Dallas. Or maybe you’d need to buy a new one. Now is the perfect chance to add that one office or kitchen that you always missed in your company. So consider everything if you want to choose the best place in Dallas to move your office to!

Blueprint - Moving your office to Dallas
Get a blueprint of every potential office

Know your moving budget

The second important thing you must do for a successful commercial relocation is planning your moving budget. Knowing how much money you can spend is crucial. Because many things depend on it. For example, you have to know how much you can pay the moving company when you’re negotiating the price. Or when you’re choosing what services you’re going to use. Knowing your moving budget is also important when you’re buying moving supplies. So make sure you calculate it right!

The right moving company for you

If you chose the right moving company for your commercial relocation to Dallas you’ve done half the job! The right moving company will have many services you can choose from. They can, for example, pack for you or provide you with packing supplies.

However, when you are searching for a perfect DWF moving company you can’t only take their services into account. It’s much more important that they are licensed and insured. And, of course, that they are reliable. You can find out if those things by looking them up on the Internet and by asking your partners for recommendations.

Once you narrow down your choice to a few moving companies it’s time to contact them. Call them up and request an on-site estimate. Because an on-site estimate is the best option to get the right price of the relocation. Finally, choose the moving company you feel most comfortable with. After all, they’ll be responsible for moving your office to Dallas.

Get you a move manager when moving your office to Dallas

If you’ve done all of the above, then you’re finished with the hardest part of moving your office to Dallas. Now is the perfect time to include your employees in the moving process. However, if you want to avoid chaos there are a few things you can do before your movers arrive. You should think about appointing a mover manager. That can be anyone from the company who either has experience in moving or just someone reliable.

A designated move manager should help you with planning the move. They can:

  • assign the tasks to other employees
  • make sure that everything is going according to plan
  • communicate with the moving company once the moving contract has been signed

Having a mover manager to do this instead of you will give you more time to do the things only you can do. And hopefully, it’ll make moving your office to Dallas less stressful for you.

A group of people bumbing fists
Consider asking other companies that you work with for recommendations

Speeding up the moving process

Hiring a moving company to pack for you is great. But that doesn’t mean that you can do a little packing yourself. Let the move manager take care of this. They can tell your employees what they can pack themselves. This will speed up the moving process for sure. Furthermore, your employees will feel more comfortable if they packed their personal belongings.

The move manager can also come up with a labeling system. For example, each employee can be designated a number or a color. And using that number or color they can label their belongings. This will be of great help for the unpacking. Because the movers will know exactly where to put each box and each piece of furniture. And your I.T. department will know exactly which computer belongs to whom. So they’ll avoid reconnecting everything a few times.

Last but not least when moving your office to Dallas

One thing people tend to forget or remember on a moving day is the change of the address. Updating your address is important for legal reasons. But it’s even more important to let your clients know about your relocation. You can do this by sending an email or by notifying them on your website. You should also update your address on your website and place your orders for new letterhead, envelopes, return labels, business cards, etc.

Apart from this, don’t forget to transfer your utilities when moving your office to Dallas. Keep in mind that it’s possible that you won’t be able to transfer all of your utilities. For example, maybe your internet provider doesn’t have a service for your new location and you’ll have to look for a new provider. So make sure that you plan your relocation well in advance!

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