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How to pack fragile items

AM Moving Company — October 24, 2019

The moving process has many sub-processes that you need to finish before actually moving. One of these processes is packing. The best way to go about packing is to hire a great Dallas moving company to do it for you, of course. However, if you wish to know how to pack fragile items by yourself, then read on. We will provide you with tips and tricks for general packing of breakable items, as well as give you some advice on how to pack some specific items, such as art and antiques. So, let’s begin!

Best ways for packing fragile items

The best way to go about packing these kinds of items is really difficult to figure out without knowing exactly what you have to pack. However, these steps will help you in the process and are more or less applicable in every situation.

  • Pack Breakables Last
  • You’ll Need A Lot Of Cushioning
  • Choose The Right Type And Size Of The Box
  • Prepare For Unpacking
  • Hire An Expert
glasses and bottles
Pack Breakables Last!

Pack breakables last

When you go about packing stuff, do not make the mistake of packing breakable items first and then piling other stuff on top of them. This way you are running a much higher risk of those breakable items, well, breaking. Again, if you simply have too many breakable items, consider using packing services from your moving company.

Even if you pack your fragile items last, that is not to say that they are completely out of danger. You need to properly insulate them, so to speak, against any form of danger. And that is why:

You’ll need a lot of cushioning

You want to protect your fragile items, right? Well, there is nothing better for it than cushioning. The process of cushioning is really quite simple. You want to wrap your items in a protective layer of either cloth, paper, bubble packs or similar. You will also fill out every empty space with such padding and layering. The idea is to both protect your items from any collisions or similar treatment and make it impossible for them to actually move within the box.

If you cushion your items properly, they will be snug and will not move at all, within the box. You can try shaking the box once you finish with this. If it rattles, then you need to cushion it a bit more.

Choose the right type and size of the box

Getting the right size of the box is paramount. Both for the packing process and when you want to pack fragile items. The best way to go about this is to figure out how many items will go into which box.

Also, make sure to figure out what kind of box will you need. Perhaps a regular cardboard one is best and perhaps a plastic box will be better.

Choose proper boxes to pack and protect your fragile items during the relocation.

Prepare for unpacking

Another way to go when you want to pack fragile items is to have unpacking in mind. Always pack and label your boxes with unpacking in mind. Take extra care with fragile items and mark and label the boxes containing them extra visibly. If you have any packing materials you wish to recycle afterward, it is a good idea to think about it before packing. This way you will save yourself some time and trouble when you unpack.

Hire an expert to pack fragile items instead of you

As previously mentioned, hiring an expert is the absolute best way to go about packing fragile items. Whether you are moving locally around Dallas or preparing for a long-distance move, all you need to do is let the professionals handle everything. They will know which items to pack in which box, how to cushion them and all other tricks of the trade. When it comes to difficult items, such as art pieces, you just can’t beat professionals. They have an excellent track record and will not disappoint.

How to pack fragile and special items

There are also specific ways of packing specific items, such as art, electronics, china and so on. We are going to give you some quick tips on how to pack fragile items such as these.

  1. Art And Antique
  2. Electronics
  3. Musical Instruments
  4. China
  5. Hot Tubs and Home Add-Ons
Musical instruments are sensitive and require a lot of care while packing.

Specific tips

Packing art and antique pieces is a really delicate process that should really be given to the moving company. However, if you want to pack them yourself, make sure that they are extremely snug in their storage space and that there are no hazardous materials nearby.

Electronics, such as TV’s, PC’s, audio or video equipment are best packed in their original boxes. That is why you need to keep as much of the original packaging as possible. In case you do not have it, you can use extra layers of padding.

Musical instruments are quite sensitive to humid and overly warm or cold environments and that is why you need to pack them into a case that is of a specific design. That is to say, you put a guitar into a guitar case, and so on. Do not use cloth or paper as a container, your container needs to be hard and resistant. You do not want anything to happen to your precious set of drums, now, do you?

China pieces can be really expensive and warrant even more careful packaging than other fragile items. You want to have the least amount of empty space between pieces, ideally no space at all. Use everything at your disposal for this task. Towels, blankets, anything of a sort that is soft and paddy. Avoid newspapers, though, as they can stain your collection.

When it comes to hot tubs and various other home add-ons, you can figure out on your own that the best way to pack and unpack these items is to leave them to the professionals. There are just too many things that can go wrong and you do not want to spend an inordinate amount of time figuring out what.

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