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Advice For Labeling Your Moving Boxes

AM Moving Company — August 3, 2019

Got movers coming to load up your stuff? Here are some ways you can make the job easier on you and them by labeling your moving boxes in the best way possible:

Use The Right Tools

You need a set or two of good quality permanent markers to label your boxes clearly. Get at least four colors, get the best quality markers you can, and make sure you only use permanent AND waterproof markers. Anything can happen during the move, and you don’t want your labeling being smeared or rubbed off completely. Additionally, if you choose to use a label maker or preprinted labels, make sure you use permanent waterproof ink markers or pens on the labels to prevent the label from becoming unreadable.

Color Coding Is Key

Pick specific colors for specific rooms. Blue marker for bedroom boxes, green for kitchen items, and so forth. Colored tape makes a big difference too, and helps you quickly identify what needs to go where when it comes into the house. Even if just friends and family are helping you move, it can make a big difference in both the packing and unpacking process.

You Can Count On Numbering Boxes

If color-coding tape and markers aren’t your cup of tea, you can always number boxes and create a master inventory spreadsheet of what is in each numbered box. Then you just have to say boxes 1-10 go in the master bedroom, 17-20 belong in the second bathroom and other series of numbers have their place in the new house, too. The master inventory list is also great for when you hire professional movers, as they can keep track of what numbers are already loaded and plan out how they will unload them most efficiently.

Your Label Placement Matters

Whether you go with numbers or colors, you need to label your boxes for maximum visibility and organization. All writing should be visible from at least one side even with boxes stacked up. This is best accomplished by labeling the top and two sides of every box. This will significantly cut down on how long it takes you to find a box that you’ve placed in the room but you aren’t sure exactly where. Additionally, all adhesive labels should have a layer of clear packing tape over them to protect them from the elements and brushing up against other boxes during the move. You also need to label all fragile goods on every side so that movers or friends and family know to handle them with appropriate care.

Hire Professional Movers To Do Your Packing

Pros have their own packing system, will quote your on what supplies they need and probably get a discount on everything since they buy in bulk. Keep this labeling advice in mind, and you are sure to take the headache and stress out of locating and unpacking all your belongings when they are delivered to your new home.

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